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Christopher Gretkus (1970) —
Publisher and editor of two online art portals: Novelmasters and Eprawda
Born in Poland, moved to the UK in 2005. In the late 90’s, he was publishing short stories and poems in the renowned polish literature magazine bruLion in Warsaw. He wrote a book of poems called Scream and whisper published in 1996 by MOK. His controversial prose poem Puff of Black finished in 1999 (original version – Czarne Światło) was first published in english as ebook with Smashwords (2013) and on Amazon (2015). It is available now in all major online bookstores worldwide. Christopher Gretkus as a photojournalist was the contributor of The Polish Times weekly magazine in London 2008-2012 and LNP Press Photo Agency 2011-2012.

Puff of Black
Prose poem. Avant-garde and uncompromising attempt to reach the core of literature.
The setting: California. Paris. Auschwitz. Cairo. Sahara. Amazonia.
Timespan: the last day of existence.
Puff of black blends together poetry and a novel. We meet extraordinary people and Supreme Beings, witnessing their fight for independence, leadership and supremacy over the Earth. “Puff of black” is a must-read for all true literary aristocrats.
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Czarne Światło — poemat prozatorski. Awangardowa i bezkompromisowa próba dotarcia do sedna literatury. Miejsce akcji: Kalifornia. Paryż. Auschwitz. Kair. Sahara. Amazonia. Czas akcji: ostatni dzień istnienia. (przeczytaj więcej recenzji)

Puff of Black

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